Welcome To Each One Teach One Mentoring

Welcome to Each One Teach One Mentoring Services—where you’ll learn everything you need for your nonprofit to be a success. Consider this your one-stop guide to dominating the nonprofit industry.

After starting work with nonprofits in 2008, I always had a desire to help people and make a difference. Two years later in 2010 I decided to take it a step further; starting from nothing, I established my very first nonprofit ‘A Stairway To Hope,’ it was a huge success.

But it didn’t come easily; the first few months were awful, and I found myself questioning if all of this trouble was going to be worth it. After countless hours of getting in touch with the right people, I figured out how to really get the ball rolling.

From there I continued to gain more experience and connect with other industry experts who really knew their stuff, they taught me how to really step up my nonprofit efforts and kick butt. It was amazing to me how difficult it was to learn what everybody else was doing wrong.

That’s when I knew I had something. There wasn’t a place for the people who wanted to help people to learn how, not the generic information at least.

That was three years ago, and today Each One Teach One has proved time after time that it teaches nonprofit managers the skills to succeed.

Everyone wants to run their organization like a superstar and help their cause, though few take the extra steps they need to get there. I spent years honing my skills and perfecting the methods to running successful fundraisers, building relationships with top donators and growing my organization responsibly.

You have the vision to help people; I want to help you reach them. My services provide you with the fastest ways to get your nonprofit up, running and ready to go. From there, my Nonprofit 101 course teaches you the ins and outs of how our industry operates and what the day to day of a top-tier nonprofit organization looks like.

It’s perfectly natural to feel unsure when you’re first starting out! You don’t yet know how everything works, and the beginning stages can be the most frightening. Don’t wait for the stress and the headaches kick in before you act, give yourself a head-start in the game.

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