Non-Profit 101 Courses

Non-Profit 101 Courses

Learn the best practices for keeping your organization in top shape in our 101 courses. You’ll discover the best tactics on managing workers, optimizing your infrastructure, pitching high-value investors and more.


How to select your board


How to pitch your idea to million dollar companies looking to donate to nonprofit organizations


How to create an impressive mission statement


This series of courses teaches you the core concepts of running a high-value non-profit, no matter how young your organization is. Learn from those who have built their non-profits from the ground up with amazing success!

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Gain access to a wealth of knowledge curated from years of experience of being immersed in the industry.

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Download the entire video lesson vault for on-demand, unlimited viewing of the entire course.

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In Class Courses
  • 4 hours of Dedicated Training


Online Video Courses
  • Unlimited Access to Courses

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Give your organization a boost with the techniques of a non-profit superstar. With techniques refined over the past 8 years you’ll be ready to squash any challenges that come your way.