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How I overcame doing my paperwork when I started my nonprofit

In 2010 I wanted to start a nonprofit organization. All I knew at that point was that is I wanted and needed to help to get started.


I had no idea how to get started, so I decided to use Google to do my research and to be my guide. I asked Google a million questions, and from there, I started my paperwork.


Based on the research I did, I understood that it was very important that I incorporated my nonprofit. Therefore, my next and first step to starting my nonprofit were to get it incorporated.


The gentleman that was responsible for approving my incorporation paperwork denied it several times. How annoying!


I thought I needed to write more to explain my reasoning for wanting to start my nonprofit organization, A Stairway To Hope.


I then learned that one of the denials was because I wrote too much (How about that)!


Back in 2009, it was mandatory on your incorporation paperwork that you write a paragraph of why you wanted to start your nonprofit and the activities that you wanted to put out into the community.


Fast forward to today, you don’t have to write that paragraph anymore because the 501c paperwork requires you to state your activities only.


So finally, after simplifying my paragraph, I was Incorporated! Yay!!


I couldn’t explain how excited I was to start my new venture with helping the community.


Before I started all my paperwork, I had two successful Clothing and Coat drives, and it was time to create more drives to serve the community in a big way.


I worked hard! I asked questions! I sat and invested time. The closer I was to the 501c the more excited I was.


When I put in my 501c paperwork, I was so nervous. Nonetheless, it was in, and I was ready to be the Executive Director of my own nonprofit organization.


After an amazing drive, my team and I came up with the community baby shower. I was excited. However, I soon learned that most establishments and businesses don’t mind helping but the 501c3 was the magic word.


I had to hold off on my drive until I was approved for the 501c3.


In 2009 it took me eight long months to complete my paperwork.


October 2010, A Stairway To Hope was an official 501c nonprofit organization.


After all I’ve been through, and after having lots of conversations with people who also wanted to start their own nonprofit, I believed I gained enough knowledge to help anyone that need guidance.


I became a NonProfit Coach! As a nonprofit coach, whenever I worked with a client, I wanted to cut their process short. At least shorter than I had to wait for mine.


Since then, I have finished my clients’ paperwork in 3 to 4 months’ tops.


I honestly believe I had to go through this long process because it prepared me for Each One Teach One, a nonprofit mentoring service.


Today, I can honestly say I am truly happy that I experienced all that I have because now I can give back to others by helping them as much as I can so that they can have a much more pleasant experience.


It’s a dream come through!

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